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Real News: Spurring Weed growth with Water

Did you ever experience an “Onion Fear” moment? When you suspect you’ve been humiliated and hoodwinked by a “news” story that’s actually a journo-joke straight from The Onion? Onion-fear struck by the forth paragraph as I read this item: WEED WATER FOUNTAIN SCULPTURE UNVEILED The water fountain sculpture unveiled Thursday on Weed’s Main Street is […]

Road-Tripping and Tower-Tipping

We may be delirious from the onset of Midwestern summer heat, but I’m out of my mind with three of my favorite things, all wrapped in one package: water towers, quirky roadside attractions, and the enterprising American entrepreneur.

“New” Edible Water Bottle: Been there, done that in 2010!

Isn’t parody supposed to follow reality? Nah, in our modern internetted world, that’s just another old-timey rule we can toss out! Case in point: my internetted world is aflame this past week with news of an innovative, new edible water bottle…an interesting, and apparently award-winning idea! And one that we parodied here for April Fools […]

Drought Jokes: “It’s So Dry…” California Edition!

California is facing its worst water shortage in decades. This is somewhat funny, both “curious-funny” and “ha-ha funny” because the state’s severest drought in modern history gives us an excuse to unleash some lame Cali-focused “It’s so dry…” jokes. California’s so dry…that leaks are the new status symbol. California’s so dry…the fastest growing crime is employee […]

Best water-related news headline…ever?

We always appreciate effervescent, fluid prose so our hats are off to Kevin Murphy of the Winona (Wisconsin) Daily News for this splashy headline: “Fountain City water rates spike” Dirty water politics side note: Kevin also reports that “The higher rates may also determine if the city’s only laundromat stays in business.”