Nevada bathroom door painted with toilet terms

Open the Door to a Livelier Lavatory Lexicon

Nevada bathroom door painted with toilet termsWhen nature calls, what do you call it, that place you go for going? If you go to the place pictured here, you can choose your preferred term from a nice assortment of colorful toilet terms. Gender-neutral, too! I spotted this outdoor restroom at the rear of a restaurant in historic Boulder City, Nevada. It was so amusing I was able put aside any nagging concerns about sanitation and cleanliness.

And filed under Didn’t Know That! … apparently Shi-Shi is Hawaiian slang, pronounced “shee shee” and meaning “to pass urine or use the bathroom.”

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  1. Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson says:

    When I saw the first three letters of the word ‘Shi-Shi’, I was halfway expecting another word denoting some sort of house. Speaking of houses, I used to frequent a very good sandwich restaurant called “The Outhouse” before they went out of business. Hmm, I wonder why the place went out of business…

  2. Pascal G.
    Pascal G. says:

    This reminds me of a game we played during my postgraduate studies aimed at overcoming cultural taboos about sanitation. We all had to say the word ‘shit’ in our own language. It is worth noting that the major holdup in the realization of the MDGs on sanitation, compared to water, is due to some extent to the disgust at talking about poo!

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