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World Water Day Hangover

Content warning: Depressing, unfunny & negative diatribe. Regular programming resumes tomorrow. Bleauh. I don’t feel so good! It’s that nasty #WWD hangover again! So another World Water Day has come and gone. Each year I dread this day. I feel guilty because I SHOULD write somthing moving, thought-provoking and memorable. Raise some awareness! But I […]

h2o mp3: Drought – Dave Dudley

In a classic country song there’s rarely just one misfortune; the bad luck and the soul crushers just keep piling on, like some kind of perverted torture sandwich. In the song Drought just when our hero is thinkin’ it can’t get any worse, what with his good woman takin’ off, next comes a crop killin’ drought […]

Water obsession support group forming now!

Water, water everywhere… consuming your thoughts and dreams, driving your actions and decisions. Dictating your choice of friends, how you spend your time, your money, your goodwill. You have water on the brain, and you may have gone off the deep end, figuratively speaking. You, yes YOU, may be obsessed with water! Over at ValleyCresttakeson.com […]

h2o mp3: O Christmas Grease

Happy Holidays! And to celebrate the season, a gift for you: an all-new h2o mp3 from Steve Anderson, the water world’s funniest singer-songwriter and an advocate for free-flowing pipes and sewers everywhere! In his newest original wastewater hit O Christmas Grease we are reminded that the FOG is rolling in this holiday season, and that […]

Occupy Water Tower: The Revel’s in the Details

News overload! We’re all scanning the headlines. Hundreds of them, sometimes, in a single day. And only a few select, tantalizing, provocative links ultimately earn our coveted click-through. What a shame. Because if you scanned right by this item, well… you missed some amazing details. Man ends water tower occupation after six hours You can […]

h2o mp3: Don’t Flush the Baby (Wipes)

And the fun just keeps coming from Steve Anderson, among the great hidden talents in the water business. We’re pleased to present his newest original wastewater hit, Don’t Flush the Baby (Wipes)! (Side note: Ignore that “flushable” label you’ll see on some packages; I learned the hard way, they most certainly are not.)

Nothing Says Wedding Like Water Tower

Attention brides: We know it is challenging, this never-ending   quest for unique, memorable settings in which to tie the knot. (Me? I copped out with the utterly predictable church affair.) If I were getting hitched now, I think I’d one-up my peers with a creative Water Tower event,