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I’m a Big Shot! More Fun with Titles

Another idea: what “big shot” sounding titles can I compose that are, in fact, accurate for my position? Global Advertising Liaison (quarter-pages ’round the world.) Associate Communications Director (In fact, I associate with them almost every day.) Associate Vice President (I associate with them, too.) Global Branding Oversight (I do tend to overlook a lot […]

I’m the writer. Or…

While chatting with someone today, I quipped that I would like my business card to carry the title “Content Sniper.” And I would, really. Which led me to imagine, what are some other titles that might more accurately reflect the skills and mysterious chem that is, actually, about 75% of the package that makes a […]

More Unconventional Self Motivation

Last week, I was angry. I still am but I am moving along to better and higher endeavors, like mockery. I am commemorating this week’s events with a custom crafted motivational poster–not just one, but two! As before, I will display these in my kyoob with pride.

Bad Bottle #1: Surprise!

Hooray for the diversity of cultural expression, which continues to produce such un-global branding as this. I for one don’t like surpises with my drinking water, and especially not yellow ones. No, thanks, don’t believe I am thirsty after all! From the flickr gallery of Richard Hook, who notes he got it in Thailand (chiang […]

Unconventional Self Motivation: Wit as Defensive Weapon

Hey all you long suffering corporate drones, you know the drill: Instead of taking the easy way out, you stretch yourself and produce something that’s outstanding–well above and beyond the same old mediocre approach. Then you step forward and accept the high praise and thanks. Of course not. Then you face the slaughter and the […]