Britten Leaning Water Tower

Road-Tripping and Tower-Tipping

We may be delirious from the onset of Midwestern summer heat, but I’m out of my mind with three of my favorite things, all wrapped in one package: water towers, quirky roadside attractions, and the enterprising American entrepreneur.

Britten Leaning Water Tower

The Water Tower: The Britten Leaning Water Tower
Roadside entertainment: Yes, Texas. Of course. Groom, Texas.

Groom texas

The enterprising entrepreneur: Around 1980, Ralph Britten purchased the tower from a nearby town, transported it to Groom, and installed it intentionally tilted to draw highway travelers into his truck stop. And ironically (or maybe not) the leaning tower-billboard has long outlived the business. More details here!

Thanks for the tip, Wayne! And thanks, SuperDEEC on Flickr for the photo!