World water day mad libs game

The Mad Libs and the Madness that is World Water Day

water mad libs characterHooray, it’s water’s very own special day! Last year I spent it ranting and whining, but this year we’re sporting a whole new attitude! While some busy themselves playing the bureaucratic global water game, here in suburbia we’re going all-in for party games. Happy World Water Day, please enjoy not one but TWO tasteless Mad Libs that you and your friends can enjoy… whether you’re pinky-pointing at an intimate WWD pre-gala gathering, grinding through another mind-numbing nine-to-fiver, or taking a breather during your daily 5-hour water fetching duty.

If you’re not familiar with how to play MadLibs you should get out more; but first, read some quick instructions here.

Part 1: Download a printable PDF of “Watch Out: It’s World Water Day Mad Libs”
Part 2: Download a printable PDF of “10 Ways to Celebrate World Water Day”

Especially skilled players are urged to share the results with us (and we’ll keep your name out of it!)


world water day mad libs


World water day mad libs game

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  1. Anthony Kozuh
    Anthony Kozuh says:

    Very cool Gayle, after one year I must say…you are one true WATER advocate…all of us here at STW enjoy your writing,offer still stands that I gave you one year ago. :-)..Keep writing your great have a way to make people listen..We need someone like you..
    Take care Gayle, be blessed and safe
    thank you for what you do to try to educate water issues

    Anthony M. Kozuh
    Media and Education
    Research Director,

    Save The Water™
    Head office
    500 SW 69th Terrace
    Hollywood, Florida 33023

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