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Pop-ups, Paper Cuts and the Water Cycle

Yet another graphic interpretation of the water cycle? Yes, but this one’s truly special. Revolution is a stop-motion animated pop-up book by Chris Turner, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon that illustrates the familiar travels of a water drop with an uncommon aesthetic approach. It’s a short one minute and forty-five seconds in length, but long […]

Love stinks…and wastes for no one!

Valentine’s Day is just two short days away, so we here at Thirsty in Suburbia are sure that all your romantic plans and reservations have already been made and confirmed. What’s that? You forgot about Valentine’s Day? Well have no fear you hopeless, albeit forgetful, romantics! The Department of Environmental Protection in New York City is […]

Another Corny Water Joke: The Texan Inspection

A Texas* Department of Water representative pulled up to a sprawling ranch and approached the leery old ranch owner. In a haughty, authoritative voice he announced to the rancher, “I need total access to this place to inspect for water allocation compliance.” The old rancher paused and then said, “Well, OK then. But don’t go […]

Promoting plain language in public toilets

When engineers and technical writers tackle instructions for public toilets, someone may have to step up and provide some plain-language, every-man translations! Up for pee, down for poop. Simple! Spotted in a highway rest stop, kudos to the anonymous, water-aware doo-gooder that added the simplified Sharpie version to the dual flush toilet instructions provided. Note to […]

Sustainable Curiosities and Novelties: Flushable Toilet Paper Tube

Consider the fate of the common Toilet Paper Tube: destined to be violently ripped and separated from its Toilet Paper child whom it has cradled and supported since the day of TP’s birth manufacture. While TP flushes merrily downstream headed for the rapture of sustainable biodegradation, the Mother Tube is forgotten, abandoned, tossed…then forced to […]