Lake Mead fantasy bottled water

Fantasy Bottled Water Brands of Tomorrow: Lake Mead Water

Once again, we peer into the not-so-distant future to imagine what tomorrow’s brand geniuses will be serving up for discerning water consumers!

The Brand:

Lake Mead Water


Lake Mead (Point of origin not guaranteed.)


Because you deserve every last drop, dammit! Three straws included to ensure you get what you deserve.


High-price luxury brand; sold only in convenience stores. Southern Nevada distribution only.

Promotional Copy:


Lake Mead refreshes to the last draw with its exclusive three straws.

Go ahead, suck it up! No matter how low you go, the last drop flows as smoothly as the first.

Lake Mead fantasy bottled water advertisement

Consume less fantasy and more facts here:

[iconbox title=”Fun Fact: Straws creating jobs!” title_align=”left” content_align=”left” content_color=”#” layout=”boxed” bg=”#” border=”#” align=”left” icon_align_to=”box” size=”16″ icon_bg_color=”#” icon_bg_colorh=”#” icon_bd_color=”#” icon_bd_colorh=”#” square_radius=”0″ hover_animation=”border_increase” icon_animation_duration=”1″ icon_animation_delay=”0″ icon_animation_iteration=”0″ type=”vector” icon_color=”#” icon_color_hover=”#” icon=”momizat-icon-droplet”]About 300 people worked on the “third straw” pipeline project, and one worker died on the job. In the 1930s, 21,000 men worked on the Hoover Dam with about 100 worker fatalities. [/iconbox]