its so dry drought flag of california

Drought Jokes: “It’s So Dry…” California Edition!

its so dry drought flag of californiaCalifornia is facing its worst water shortage in decades. This is somewhat funny, both “curious-funny” and “ha-ha funny” because the state’s severest drought in modern history gives us an excuse to unleash some lame Cali-focused “It’s so dry…” jokes.

California’s so dry…that leaks are the new status symbol.

California’s so dry…the fastest growing crime is employee theft… by pool boys.

California’s so dry…a sprinkler store opened on Rodeo Drive (and have you seen those Prada canteens?!)

California’s so dry…the rain barrels have security guards.

California’s so dry…you’re encouraged to pee in the pool!

California’s so dry…the Pacific garbage patch is now a landfill.

California’s so dry…there are red velvet ropes around the fountains.

California’s so dry…couples shower together to save water. Seriously, really.

California’s so dry…all the gyms replaced spinning with pumping and Zumba with Rain Dancing.

California’s so dry…TMZ was seen chasing Maven and Emily Green.

California’s so dry…that people are flipping water towers.

California’s so dry…they’re putting gates and privacy fences around the reservoirs.

California’s so dry…they’re selling organic water. (Oh wait…they did that before the drought.)

California’s so dry…the longest lines at Disneyland are for the water fountains.

California’s so dry…someone snatched my bottled water but left my iphone.

California’s so dry…you’re encouraged NOT to clean up after your dog.

California’s so dry…The coolest celebs are on the Dehydration Diet.

California’s so dry…VCs are investing in taps instead of apps.

California’s so dry…the hottest new reality show is WaterPump Rules.

California’s so dry…that this year’s Hollywood blockbusters are The Lord of the Bathtub Rings, Thirsty Games and Transflooders.

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