Steve Who? And Why is the Quality Dropping?

Who is this “Steve” of Steve Enterprise in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, producing water “by the technology of the United States of America?”

RobbieGates on Flickr photographed this interesting bottled water, “supplied by our hotel and had the curious name “Steve”. We ended up using steve as a generic term for free water supplied by a hotel for the rest of the trip.”

And best of all, “I only noticed when I got home the slogan “The Quality Drops” – perhaps not quite the connotation they were looking for.”

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  1. Aquadoc
    Aquadoc says:

    ‘Steve Enterprise’ spelled backwards is ‘evets esirpretne’, which is the phonetic spelling of a Cambodian phrase meaning ‘gullible Westerners who buy Phnom Penh tap water.’

    Or it has something to do with Star Trek.

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