Water Crisis Leaves an Indelible Impression

It’s one thing to say you’re touched and moved by the world water crisis, but it’s a whole different level to be moved enough to put it in ink. On your arm. Permanently. JesseFulton on Flickr explains why he got this incredible indelible tat:

The short story behind the tattoo: a few years ago, I went through a period of being very unhappy and feeling sorry for myself. During this time, I came across a photograph of a woman in Africa drinking water from what was essentially a puddle of mud because she had no access to clean, drinkable water. As I stared at that image, I realized just how lucky I was and how good my life actually is.

That photograph has stuck in my head ever since and the tattoo is a reminder to be grateful for everything I have and to not take anything for granted.

(I later found out that the photo is actually the cover for the book “Design for the Other 90%” and the woman is using a product called the Life Straw.

You know, tattoos are for life. And the sad thing is, even if Jesse is young today I’ll bet that many years from now…even long after we’re all gone… there will still be a need for “The Life Straw” and this tattoo will still be appropriate…which makes this both a depressing and beautiful statement.

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