h2o mp3: A Pipe Dream and a Promise – Finale

Such drama these past weeks for Las Vegas water watchers!* But what’s a good drama without a driving soundtrack?

It will surely be soon that we see the straight-to-DVD epic Mulroy’s List. Or better yet…the new reality series on Bravo, Launch my (Pipe)Line! Either way, we propose backing it with this 2009 track by Detroit rapper Finale, A Pipe Dream and a Promise.


My mother, my grandma, my grandfather
My brother, my sister, my girl
landlord, the bands and my compadres,
I promised the world the world that.
You only come up short (?) ere’time

My chase ain’t over, no,
I can’t take over, no,
I owe ya
Though I know it in my soul I’m not the only one I should owe,
You matter.
Rapper, that’s the ‘proach you go killin’ one on one for.

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*For the best-of-the-best reading on the unfolding drama surrounding Las Vegas water, see: Emily Green at Chance of Rain, Waterwired, Aquafornia, and Circle of Blue.