Aqua tube flushable toilet paper roll

Sustainable Curiosities and Novelties: Flushable Toilet Paper Tube

Aqua tube flushable toilet paper roll

Aqua Tube Toilet Paper Tube: photographed in grass because it’s “green”

Consider the fate of the common Toilet Paper Tube: destined to be violently ripped and separated from its Toilet Paper child whom it has cradled and supported since the day of TP’s birth manufacture. While TP flushes merrily downstream headed for the rapture of sustainable biodegradation, the Mother Tube is forgotten, abandoned, tossed…then forced to travel alone, void of greenness, to a dark and desolate landfill populated by despised, low-life non-recyclables.

Well, no more. Because THIS Tube is flushable. THIS Tube shall not be left behind, but shall be safely flushed with its beloved TP, where they can biodegrade and return to our earth naturally. Together.

Many thanks to Constance Ward at Thought Leader Zone, who found this Sustainable Curiosity in her Marseille, France lodgings while attending World Water Forum 6. Somehow she knew we’d like it!

Note: This item has not been deemed flushable by Pat and Dan. Also, since we Don’t Flush the Baby Wipes, should we flush the tubes?

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  1. @h2oMatters
    @h2oMatters says:

    I read about these a while ago, but this is the first one I have seen. Thanks for sharing this and the Eye-Pooping Infographic.

    Question – why must we always register to leave a comment?

  2. Gayle Leonard
    Gayle Leonard says:

    Thanks for the feedback! On your question, I’m puzzled, as this blog’s settings should only require you to supply a name and email to comment, with no log-in or registration whatsoever required. If you could be so good as to email me at mail AT gayleleonard DOT com with some more detail on what prompts you encountered, I will definitely try to find out what’s askew. Thanks!!!

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