h2o mp3: Don’t Flush the Baby (Wipes)

Dont flush the baby wipes song by Steve AndersonAnd the fun just keeps coming from Steve Anderson, among the great hidden talents in the water business. We’re pleased to present his newest original wastewater hit, Don’t Flush the Baby (Wipes)! (Side note: Ignore that “flushable” label you’ll see on some packages; I learned the hard way, they most certainly are not.)

Steve Anderson

Steve is a Water Resources Analyst at Clean Water Services in Portland, Oregon and uses his talent for creaeting fun, quirky tunes to take the dullness out of water quality education, tapping into the power of music and humor to engage and educate. If you somehow missed them, be sure to also check out these previously posted awesome songs by Steve: The Ballad of Betty PoopDope in the Water and Fats Oils & Grease.

So take the plunge (instead of the plunger), sing along with Steve and put those little baby wipes in their proper place!

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Lyrics: Don’t Flush the Baby (Wipes)

Young mother changing diapers on her newborn
She grabs a moist towellete to cleanse his skin
With baby changed she walks up to the toilet
The towelette in her hand she tosses in
She doesn’t know the baby wipe’s a tough one
And it can make a clog in sewer pipes

Don’t flush the baby
Don’t flush the baby
Don’t flush the little baby wipes

My sweetheart uses pads to remove makeup
They take off stuff she puts upon her face
Into the john she drops them when she’s finished
She makes them disappear without a trace
She hasn’t heard ‘bout problems in the sewers
Caused by cleaning pads of every stripe

Don’t flush ‘em baby
Don’t flush ‘em baby
Don’t flush the pads you use to wipe

These wipes and rags and towels made of paper
Can plug up sewer pipes and clog the pumps
When used they should be thrown into the garbage
And end up in the landfills and the dumps
So please remember keep them from the sewer
And never flush the products of that type

So don’t flush ‘em baby
Don’t flush ‘em baby
Don’t flush the paper rags and wipes
Yeah don’t flush the baby
Don’t flush the baby
Don’t flush the little baby wipes

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