ice dew twist bottle for better recycling

Ice Dew Commercial: Olympic Fail for Water-Deprived Mini-Athletes!

Olympic mini athlete in Ice Dew advertising ChinaWater advertising and sports…they’re still the perfect, hand-holding, snuggling couple at the promotion party!

This latest hookup involves the Olympics and Coca Cola’s Ice Dew (one of the leading bottled water brands in China) created by Bartle Bogle Hearty, Shanghai. The ad’s premise is that since humans are 60% water, these dehydrated athletes shrink to Lilliputian sizes until getting back in the game with a shot of water Ice Dew Brand Water from the Coca Cola Company. We must admit, these pee-wee participants are quite funny and entertaining!

And here’s an interesting twist…as bottled water marketers begin to pay heed to the negative environmental impact of their product, Coca Cola is anxious for us to know about their efforts towards a greener bottled water brand experience…which is why you’ll notice the curious bottle “twist” at the end of the spot. According to,

At the launch of Ice Dew Environmental Ambassador — the world famous hurdler — Liu Xiang interacted with hundreds of volunteers by demonstrating Ice Dew 3-step for “Green” drinking: Choose Light Weight Bottle; Drink Ice Dew Purified Water; Twist for better recycling. He also initiated a bottle collection exercise in Shenzhen.

The production of the new light weight bottle will save 16,400 tons in CO2 emissions, equivalent to 2,788 cars taken off the road or 101 acres of forest planted, and the lighter bottles will also help reduce carbon emissions in transportation. If all consumers will start twisting their Ice Dew Light Weight Bottle before disposal, it will save 410,000m3 in space, equivalent to around 200 standard-sized swimming pools.

ice dew twist bottle for better recycling

Real jocks make sure to twist that Ice Dew bottle and save space in the landfill!

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  1. Becky Powell
    Becky Powell says:

    Great post as usual, Gayle.

    I’m not sure how the bottle twist at the end of the commercial encourages recycling… Do you think the average viewer will make the connection?

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