I Put A Spell On You! This Water Drop is Carved in Stone

You might wear your heart on your sleeve, but I’m going to wear my water drop on my neck! Check out this unique charm, given to me by my daughter.

It is a blue chalcedony, a mineral sometimes associated with the water element. To those who believe in the mysterious power of crystals, this one is power-packed with some good vibes including (according to dkwcrystals.talktalk.net:

A Creative Stone. Thought to alleviate hostilities, irritability and melancholy. Helping to create and enhance generosity, responsiveness and receptivity. Also said to help open the mind to assimilate new ideas and acceptance of new situations.

So if you see me wearing this, take advantage of the fact that I’ll likely be in a great mood and primed for donations or investments, no matter how hare-brained the the idea or cause might be! (Hmmm, maybe the daughter has some hidden agenda here!)