h2o mp3: Its All About the Water – Jimmy Buffett

Did you know that Jimmy Buffett tried his hand at musical theater? No? That’s because the effort made little more than a ripple! The 1998 stage play Don’t Stop the Carnival, based on Herman Wouk’s 1965 novel of the same name, played only briefly in Miami but hooray! The studio album of 20 original compositions by Buffett lives on.

It’s All About the Water and Champagne Si, Agua No are both from this album. The play’s plot involves a New Yorker with dreams of escaping his high-pressure life; he abandons everything to buy an old hotel on a tiny, primitive, lush Caribbean island.

I can’t find many details past that, but judging by the songs, water is a scarce and revered resource on the island and a broken water pump plays a role in the plot line. Both tracks are classic Buffett tropical goodness.

Lyrics – It’s All About the Water

It’s all about da water, don’t you know
Kinja needs da water, da h2o
It’s all about da water, it ain’t no lie
Widout de water we shrivel up and die

De main cistern go down to zero
De new bossman, he be a hero
Solve de problem, so give a cheer-o
He turn on de water!

H2 h2 0 h2 h2 0

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Lyrics – Champagne Si, Agua No

Folks, Gull Reef regrets the water shortage.
Wild night out there!
Water in the sea, water from the sky, no water in the Club,
but while the pump gets repaired, let’s live!
If the water can’t flow, the wine can!
Champagne party in the lobby!

Champagne si, agua no
Let it rain, let it blow
To hell with the H2O
Champagne si, agua no

The Gull Reef Club’s not too ship shape
Time for a party time for a break
Tonight all our troubles will soon disappear
Cause champagne is cheaper than water down here

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