water molecule halloween costume

Halloween Costumes for Water and WASH Wonks: 2012 edition

Have we got a treat for you! With Halloween just two weeks off, you may be nearing a costume-ready state, but we believe your costume should reflect who you really are. If you’re an obsessed water, wastewater or sanitation wonk, consider these costume ideas that just SCREAM your love of all things water!

(Need more ideas? Check out the 2009 post Halloween Costumes for the Water Obsessed and 2010 Version: Halloween Costumes for the Water Obsessed)

Water Molecule Costume: Better than the sum of its particles! Plus, even the most atrocious dancers can wear this costume and defend their less-than-smooth moves by declaring, “Wooo Hooo, I am boiling now!” (Original source here)

water molecule halloween costume

Fracking Costume: Halloween is serious business and with this costume, it could be your chance to make an explosive impression. (Original source here)

water fracking halloween costume

Water Faucet Costume: Not considered family-friendly and clean in all locations. We love the Water Aid bumper sticker – nice touch! (Original source here)

water faucet halloween costume

Shell and Pearl: With this maternity costume, you can expect plenty of attention to the fact you’re expecting. Warning: this costume WILL make you look fat. (Original source here)

pearl and shell halloween costume

Water Tower Costume: For those of you who think water infrastructure is the perfect Halloween costume concept! (Original source here)

water tower halloween costume

Garden Hose Costume: Totally tubular costume, dude! Especially since all your friends will be able to say things like, “You should have SEEN the HOSE at that party!” or “The Hose is comin’ home with ME.” (Original source here)

Hoover Dam Costume: This is the dimensional 3-D version of the the Dam Costume I wore in 2010. (Original source here)

hoover dam halloween costume

Drought Costume: Huh? This is a costume?! Why yes, just carry this around and tell folks you’re the Halloween iteration of the Dust Bowl. Well-worn overalls and a exhausted face will complete this buzz-killing look.

dust bowl costume

Water Carrier Costume: At the risk of being a Halloween party pooper, be sure to remind everyone else about the many people who must tote water for the other 364 days of the year, without a costume. (Original source here)

water carrier costume

Toilet Paper and Shoe Costume: Way cooler and much less embarrassing than the real-life version! (Original source here)

shoe and toilet paper costume

Porta Pottie Halloween Costume: If you’re the type of person who’s always right there when your friends and family call, this costume is a natural. Potties a-plenty for every preference…either follow the crowd or stand alone! (Original source here and here)

porta potty halloween costume

porta potty halloween costume

Potty Cleaner Costume: Get pumped for treats with the obvious perfect companion for the porta potty contingent above! (Original source here)

sewer potty cleaner halloween costumer

Ed Norton Costume: Dress up as the original (and still champion) sewer worker; be prepared to belt out Art Carney’s “Song of the Sewer” and you’ll really bring the crowd down! (Original source here)

ed norton halloween costume

Toilet Sitter Costume: Pros: Numerous possibilities with props and sound effects! Cons: noticeable decrease in party popularity! (Original source here)

toilet sitter halloween costume

Toilet Paper Mummy Costume: Low cost, super-comfy, easy fit AND biodegradable! (Original source here)

toilet paper mummy halloween costume

Bathroom Wall Graffiti Costume: Bring a sharpie and watch the inappropriate fun begin! (Original source here)

bathroom graffiti halloween costume

African Sanitation Issues Costume: NO ONE will question your total commitment to the cause if you’re wearing this impossible-to-ignore costume; (in fact, this photo depicts a campaign to raise awareness for WASH issues in Africa). (Original source here)

dirty water sanitation halloween costume

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