Promoting plain language in public toilets

dual flush public toiletWhen engineers and technical writers tackle instructions for public toilets, someone may have to step up and provide some plain-language, every-man translations!

Up for pee, down for poop. Simple! Spotted in a highway rest stop, kudos to the anonymous, water-aware doo-gooder that added the simplified Sharpie version to the dual flush toilet instructions provided.

Note to technical types: if your toilet how-to needs a schematic drawing, the instructions likely need editing!

Note to everyone else: An easy mnemonic for these devices: remember to PUSH for number 2! And the handle as well!

sign graffiti on dual flush public toilet

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  1. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Many toilets in homes in Europe have this option – a half flush for pee and a full flush for poop. While I was living in Switzerland, I saw a commercial on TV in French that showed me that these instructions translate across languages. In the commercial, a real-estate agent was showing a couple a house. When he showed them the toilet, he pointed to the two buttons and said, “La pee-pee. La poo-poo.”

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