2010 Edition: Halloween Costumes for the Water-Obsessed

For 2010, we’ve gone DIY! All these water-themed Halloween costumes are homemade. This year, use your skills, creativity and ingenuity to fashion a killer look and unforgetable water statement!

this is my dam halloween costume hoover dam sweatshirtTHIS IS MY DAM COSTUME THIS YEAR: Thirsty in Suburbia exclusive! I made this for myself on Cafepress…perfect thing for recession trick or treating around your local Hooverville. (While I was at it, I made a shop so you can get one, too! Yes, I know, it’s expensive…but who can put a price tag on this level of awesomeness? Check out the mug, too! http://www.cafepress.com/thirstyinsuburbia).

pollution mermaid halloween costumeTOUGH YEAR FOR MERMAIDS: This costume won the 2008 Etsy Costume Contest in the Green catagory. Your 2010 interpretation could be even more timely with sad-funny BP references. Find a thrift shop prom dress and get busy! Great way to recycle that old motor oil. Source Link

diy toilet halloween costumeTOILET COSTUMES ALWAYS A ROYAL FLUSH: Start with a shoulder-wide box with lid and cover it in white glossy paper, then cut holes for head and arms. Old (lightweight!) plastic toilet seat attached to a belt to go around your waist. Mount a roll of toilet paper to the side of the box and don’t forget the details, such as blue water picture on the seat, a flush handle and plunger. Source link

fish and fisherman diy halloween costumeTHEY’RE COMING! ASIAN CARP AND FISHERMAN: Invasive aquatic species are taking over Halloween, and boy they’re scary! Seamstress and shop skills are required, but your Asian carp and fisherman getup will be worth the work! Source link

diy halloween jellyfish costumeGIANT JELLYFISH FUN: You’ll score yet another odd sighting of a large jellyfish in strange urban location.Get this sassy sea-life look going by covering a broad-brimmed hat with bubble packaging and sparkly fabric with ribbons and trims added for tentacles.Get complete instructions fromfamilyfun.go.com

diy homemade bubble bath halloween costume for twoRUB A DUB: this creation is a fancy claw tub complete with a shower head, tap, a rubber ducky and bubbles! The base is a large plastic container covered with pipe foam and fabric. The bubbles are pillow stuffing attached to tube tops. Helper “boys” close the deal.

diy water fountain halloween costumeSPOUT OFF ON HALLOWEEN: Wow, she doesn’t look happy! I’ll bet SHE wanted to be a pink princess! Fountain costume uses two cardboard circles, lots of spray paint, coins and a party spray headress. Source link

bubble bath halloween costume
COSTUME FOR MODERN POP CULTURE: Bubble bath costume for the tiny tots, made with more than 100 balloons. Hope your little tyke isn’t spooked by sudden loud pops! Instructions at familyfun.go.com.

Huangpu River halloween costumeLOVE THAT DIRTY WATER: From smartshanghai.com, The Huangpu River Costume: “Dress all in blue and spray shit all over yourself. Toilet paper on the arms and legs would be good too, as would an old car tire draped over your shoulder. Not only is it a unique and thoughtful costume, but it’s also a social statement as well. Let’s clean up the environment, my friends!”

canned bottled seltzer water halloween costume diyLONG SHELF LIFE: start with some old signage, add your own cardboard tube straw and tin-foil pop-top and finish with lots of duct tape. Source link

water shower diy halloween costumeWET AND WILD: I’d love to hear the creative pick-up lines this fellow used while partying in this construction! (Ladies, the comeback: “Sorry, No Scrubs!”) Gather some fabric, a towel, pvc pipe and an old shower head and the pressure’s on! Source link

fish water aquarium dyi halloween costumeI SEE YOU’RE UNDER THE SEA: This well-executed costume even hung mirrors from the top to look like bubbles and employed tap lights so that the aquarium would light up in the dark. Source Link

knitted grey beard aquadoc halloween costumeWATER BLOGGER COSTUME #1: HALLOWEEN IS CAMPANATASTIC: If you can knit or crochet, you can dress up as Waterwired‘s Michael “Aquadoc” Campana!  The ultimate water wonk “insider” costume! How-to’s and details for this knitted beard hat are at featherandfan.wordpress.com

WATER BLOGGER COSTUME #2: GET MORE TREATS DRESSED AS CHANCE OF RAIN: Note the all important squirt bottle accessory, although we think Emily Green herself would carry a kick-butt Super Soaker! Source link

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  1. Leslie Forman
    Leslie Forman says:

    Gayle, I love this so much that I had to post it on my own blog. I am a copywriter in Beijing, I am rather obsessed with Halloween costumes, and I think water conservation is one of China’s very most important issues. I see that WordPress already found the link, but here it is again for good measure: http://www.leslieforman.com/2010/11/how-to-b-the-huangpu-river-levis-waterless-line/

    I really like your blog. I love how you have been able to take a single, vital subject, and make it fresh and entertaining again and again.

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