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h2o mp3: The Ballad of Betty Poop

Just when you thought Steve Anderson couldn’t top Dope in the Water and Fats Oils & Grease, along comes his newest awesome, original creation, The Ballad of Betty Poop, and we’re obviously thrilled to premiere it here! Steve is a Water Resources Analyst at Clean Water Services in Portland, Oregon and has been known to whip out […]

Charmin circa 1952: A Flowery Sales Pitch

While plowing though some forgotten boxes of ephemera (that’s another story for another day) I came across this vintage newspaper advertisement. Before Mr. Whipple there was this woman: Ms. Particular Chin-touching Centerpiece-Loving Bareshoulders, seen here with pageant “pretty feet,” pondering her bright flower-filled home as well as her hospital-pure potty paper. Hope Mr. Particular isn’t […]

On Paper, City Water Looks Lovely

A wonderful take on urban water from graphic artist Chad Hagen, created for issue #1 of online magazine Re:Vision. (See the accompanying article citing forward-thinking water management in several U.S. cities.) For reasons I can’t quite explain, this is visually mesmerizing to me…perhaps it’s the motion, the flow, the movement? Or, because like water, it […]

Cheap Water Treatment with Green Apeel

You’re already saving those rotten bananas because you’re going to make banana bread out of them. Sure you are. Now, you have a reason to hold on to the peel, too. There’s been a new discovery in the wacky, unpredictable world of water science: the power of the peel. Linda B. passes along this news […]

The Speedo Symphony

It’s a rare occasion when something can make me fall over laughing at the weekend’s dead end, but this did! (The first 20 seconds are must-see TV!) Goofy as this seems, 74-year old Hermeto Pascoal is a well-known and respected Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist. Nature is a recurring theme in his body of works, as […]

Greenwashed Gifts May Require Strong Soap

While round-about on Black Friday I’ve noticed that the shelves are bulging with “green” products for your giving and receiving delight! However, many of these “green” items fall into a definite grey area in usefulness, practicality and good taste. Take this little gem of a gift I recently received – Poo Poo Paper! That’s right, […]

Can your iPad do all THIS? I don’t think so!

For all the innovative “pads” already devised, be they iPads, bachelor pads, mouse pads, maxipads, whatever…they all pale in comparison to this, the “Drinking Water Energizer Pad.” In the words of its enthusiastic marketer, Dr. K. Kannan (WOW, a Doctor!) on international marketplace www.alibaba.com After years of Research we have created this sensational Energizer Pad, […]

Oatmeal on Public Toilets

How’s this for a misleading headline? It’s hard to compose your own funny blog stuff when you’re so busy reading the funny blog stuff of others, like offbeat rising-star web comic “The Oatmeal,” which has graciously helped feed our productivity black-hole with a rant and suggestion for one public toilet annoyance, paper seat protectors. See […]