Stick Figures in Agony on Water Warning Signs

The use of pictures and visual international symbols on signage–such as cartoons, stick figures and the ubiquitous red circle-slash–have eased some of the challenges of communicating across language barriers. Even on signage, though, our peppy, positive-reinforcement culture frowns on warning sign fear-mongering. Too bad, because terror is still a powerful motivator for deterring dangerous and stupid behavior! These scary signs and global stick figures in water jeopardy are trying to get the (mixed!) messages out!

↓ I don’t think this kid is afraid of drowning; I think he just wants his Waaa-tah!

Japan warning sign water danger

Spotted in Japan, from Matthew McVickar on Flickr

↓ This one could mean “Wear Speedos while two-stepping with Jellyfish.”

Marine stingers warning sign Queensland Australia

Marine stingers warning sign, Queensland Australia via avlxyz on Flickr

↓ Warning: Bubbly Water Area, No A**holes Permitted.

Diving warning sign from Delsjön, Gothenburg, Sweden

Delsjön, Gothenburg, Sweden from ruminatrix on Flickr

↓ Come when your parents call, or we’ll send the Water Monster after you.

Water warning sign hirosegawa japan

Water warning sign, Hirosegawa Japan via ehnmark on Flickr

↓ Do not do the “Wave” while facing waves.

Flash flood warning sign Witten, Germany

Flash flood warning sign, Witten, Germany via e/rol on Flickr

↓ Keep safe distance from water flower attack zone?

water warning sign

Switzerland, from blibbler on Flickr

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