Keeping abreast of water marketing trends

Spotted in Adelaide, South Australia, this Mount Franklin bottled water billboard is from a campaign supporting breast cancer awareness with a “limited edition” bottle. It sports the line, “Every mouthful helps raise awareness for breast cancer research.” Yes, isn’t cancer sexy! The creators of this campaign are clever but crass.

Thanks, flickr-er photog Janet Leadbeater.

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  1. Simone
    Simone says:

    Actually it’s a fine example of partnership marketing and an attention grabbing campaign. Why should we be ashamed of breasts? Or to be crass – boobs! Men love them, women love them. They’re beautiful. They feel good, look good and nourish babies. What is there not to like about breasts? It’s about saving something beautiful that has utility isn’t it? The crass part is in the fact that it’s the BPA in plastic bottles that has been linked to breast cancer in the first place and that we as a society should put more emphasis on raising awareness on preventing cancer than curing it.

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