Flash flood warning sign Witten, Germany

Stick Figures in Agony on Water Warning Signs

The use of pictures and visual international symbols on signage–such as cartoons, stick figures and the ubiquitous red circle-slash–have eased some of the challenges of communicating across language barriers. Even on signage, though, our peppy, positive-reinforcement culture frowns on warning sign fear-mongering. Too bad, because terror is still a powerful motivator for deterring dangerous and stupid behavior! These scary signs and global stick figures in water jeopardy are trying to get the (mixed!) messages out! Read more

But dogs can’t read.

“Waste not, want not.” But in this case, “waste, want not!” Aside from an abnormal fear of liability, I’m not sure what’s behind (ha ha) the motivation to post these warnings. But (ha ha) regardless of the reason, it certainly creates irresistable opportunities for crappy wordplay and bun-puns.

All photos from Flickr, number one (ha ha) photo from digehode, number two (ha ha) from rockzombie and number three from followtheleader.