Goon Idea for Canadian Toilet Reuse!

(Note: that’s not a typo!) A tweet this week from World Toilet Day (@worldtoiletday) sought some group-think ideas on toilet reuse. Not toilet-to-tap recycled water, but actual toilets!

And yes, I did have a suggestion: head-snapping, thought-provoking public artwork similar to this too-odd-to-describe installation in China! So, get ready, Toronto, and visionary Canadian artists, please step forward!

Photos are via, self-described as “The Funniest Filipino Blog.” They live up to their description with this hysterical commentary on the sculpture:

Thousand of toilet sculpture in China. I’m not surprise when i saw this sculpture because everybody knows that Chinese people are goon on this.

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  1. Wayne Bossert
    Wayne Bossert says:

    I have a 1930’s Crane toilet in the back of my pickup as I write. I removed it last night in a basement bathroom makeover project. It’s going to the landfill, however, as the tank had to be compromised to get it removed. Give me another as convenient option for the toilet and I’m on it!

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