Water Nonsense into Water Good Sense

Can an offensive, stupid ad campaign spark positive action and good deeds? Yes indeed, it’s all in a day’s work here in water blog-land. I recently posted this entry on WAT-AAH!, a bottled water brand aimed at brainless parents and their spoiled-senseless kids. Aquadoc at WaterWired picked up on the entry but with an important addition that I missed:

Sure, it’s better than caffeine-spiked, sugar-laden soda, but then again, 5W-30 motor oil is probably better, too. How about good ol’ tap water? … [snip] … give the money you save to a worthwhile cause like Peter Boddie’s The Kasiki Project.



WAT-AAH good idea! I’ve made a donation today, because it’s a wonderful cause AND it makes me feel like there’s at least one blessed reason for the despised WAT-TAH!!! to exist. Wouldn’t that make you feel good, too? Yes? So, go do it!

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