Brittani and Kourtni Confront the Water Crisis

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Dear Ethiopian Girlfriends,

Hey what’s up! We’re thinkin about ya cos the gals over at posted up some snaps of you on Facebook. (Why don’t you have your own Facebook page?)

Annnywaaaay…Me and the girls were just chatting and were wondering…what’s the deal with all that freight you’ve got strapped across your backs?

I couldn’t figure it out, Tiffani thought you guys were on your way to class and those totes were your backpacks–styles being different over in Ethiopia and all. Since the weather there looks warm and  you’ve got towels around your waist, I told her you guys were probably on your way to the pool and those must be your float-y things.

So I texted Erin over at, and we just about DIED when she told us that you guys were carrying WATER! When we asked her why you didn’t just didn’t get some out of the fridge, we were FLOORED when she told us that you spend practically all day every day getting water from faraway polluted sources, then have to carry those heavy things all the way home on your backs! (You must be WAY LATE for class!)

So right off we asked Erin for your address so we could UPS some Dasani right over, but Erin told us that wasn’t too practical, given where you live. She had the great idea for us to get in with the “Women Can’t” campaign they have going on to let more people know about the problem. So right then we all  friended it on Facebook and told all our peeps on Twitter. We even decided to skip the mall this weekend and send the bucks along to help out.

So send some NEW pics soon…this time, without that tank on your back!

Love and Hugs, Brittani and Kourtni

Women Can’t: Resources and Information at, including avatars, backgrounds and wallpapers, posters and more. on Twitter, on Facebook and on YouTube

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