h2o mp3: We Have No Water Here: Hearts of Palm

“We have no water here and everybody knows it.” This lyrical snippet dances through my head at least a couple times a week as I read more and more on water scarcity panic attacks.

Hearts of Palm is a band from Denver, and a very good one, too–they were voted the No. 1 band in Colorado, according to the 2008 Denver Post Underground Music Poll. (Read more about them in this Denver Post story. or visit their myspace page.)

This house is empty and this cause has been abandoned
You’ve walked away from everything you’ve had your hand in
The bridge is burning and all you can do it watch it
We have no water here and everybody knows it
You’re hanging by a thread and everyone can see it’s wearing thin

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Download We Have No Water Here – Hearts of Palm
WOW! This band generously offers a free download of the entire EP which contains this song. Get “The Bridge” EP at the band’s website, www. heartsofpalm.com.

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