A floor plan that flows well

From the Sudbury Star, Ontario, Canada, this interesting “development:”

People may soon be living in old water tower
If a Greater Sudbury developer gets his way, people will soon be living in an abandoned water tower on Pearl Street. Westar Investments Inc. already has permission to build office space, banquet facilities and a restaurant in the 34-metre-high tower, which oversees the city’s downtown area. But Westar now wants to add dwelling units and needs to change the old tower’s special commercial zoning to do so.

Westar Investments is headed by Cory Prause, a local engineer who has been pursuing a conversion of the water tower into commercial space since 2004. The plan is based on the successful conversion of an abandoned water tower into a restaurant in Lethbridge, Alta., several years ago.

The swell photo is from the Flickr page of AndredeSudbury.