No Swill, All Spill: Toyota’s Glass of Water Campaign

Huh? I’ll file “A Glass of  Water” under the latest entry in the bloated category of silly iPhone marketing apps. To participate in this Toyota stunt, you’ll need either a vivid imagination or an iPhone ( which will be between 18% and 28% of you smartphone users depending on where in the civilized world you live).

A Glass of Water is an initiative from Toyota Sweden which asks us to drive as if we had a glass of water perched on our dashboard; in this way, we should be able to cut our fuel consumption by 10%.

Our iPhone app – ”A Glass of Water” records your driving distance, time, fuel consumption and water spilled. After each drive you can analyse your results and see on a map where you can improve your driving for the future. The results are automatically uploaded to this website and compared to other participants. You can of course participate in the challenge without the iPhone app as well.

Because I am (by choice) iPhone-less, I’ll have to rely on my imagination! Shall I just use the real thing? Well, no, according to the website:

No, spilling water on your dashboard can of course be unsafe, so we do advice you to take precautions. The important thing is that you apply the principles of driving with a glass of water. You can do this by driving with our iPhone app, or simply imagining a glass of water on your dashboard while driving.

I don’t think I can make it out of my driveway without upending my virtual glass. However, I’m sure there’s an app for that!

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