Remember what happened with Tang

If you were living in America during the sixties, you know what I’m talking about. Tang. That nasty-tasting, gritty-grainy pseudo-orange powdered breakfast beverage from Kraft that was a commercial flop until it swept the country after it’s endorsement by NASA. It rocketed to success with the Gemini flights in 1965, followed by many years of “spacey” advertising tie-ins, like this magazine ad (via

This 1984 TV commercial chirps,  ♪♫”Wake up your day the astronaut’s way”♪ …


Fast forward to last month, and observe the astronauts on the International Space Station toasting the successful testing of the wastewater recycling system with a drink of recycled urine water.

Hey, toilet-to-tap proponents, uh, I mean, “Groundwater Replenishment” supporters, couldn’t this work again? I mean, if astronauts could help Kraft sell that orange gag-in-a-glass, why not recycled water? Lightning could strike twice! If it’s good enough for the astronauts, it’s good enough for your family! ♫ ♪”Hydrate your day the astronaut’s way…” ♪

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