this is my dam halloween costume hoover dam sweatshirt

2010 Edition: Halloween Costumes for the Water-Obsessed

For 2010, we’ve gone DIY! All these water-themed Halloween costumes are homemade. This year, use your skills, creativity and ingenuity to fashion a killer look and unforgetable water statement!

this is my dam halloween costume hoover dam sweatshirtTHIS IS MY DAM COSTUME THIS YEAR: Thirsty in Suburbia exclusive! I made this for myself on Cafepress…perfect thing for recession trick or treating around your local Hooverville. (While I was at it, I made a shop so you can get one, too! Yes, I know, it’s expensive…but who can put a price tag on this level of awesomeness? Check out the mug, too!

pollution mermaid halloween costumeTOUGH YEAR FOR MERMAIDS: This costume won the 2008 Etsy Costume Contest in the Green catagory. Your 2010 interpretation could be even more timely with sad-funny BP references. Find a thrift shop prom dress and get busy! Great way to recycle that old motor oil. Source Link

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Behold, The Fantastical Anti-Water Device

What if? What if there were a technology that repelled water, similar to magnets with like poles? And, what if there were a talented 3D animator who attempted to visualize the fantasy applications for such a thing?

We don’t have this technology, but we do have the mind-bending visualization via Roy Prol. Though the “Anti-Water Device” is imaginary, the visual “what if” is still stunning and breathtaking. Water towers, dams, umbrellas, underwater tunnels, even weapons of war are re-engineered and rendered in the beautiful fantasy sequence.

As is common in the land of YouTube, the comments can be as entertaining as the video. Of course, it did not take long for armchair scientists to jump into the fray:

  • “Wouldn’t such a device also reject humans and other animals, since we are made out of 60% water? Cool animation tho.”
  • “what powers it? what if there would be a power failure in the tunnel, or if someone used a EMP on a dam over a city, then the city would be destroyed xP”
  • “what if a bird shits in the water tower? ;)”
  • “If it was possible, it would be a solution to the tsunami.”
  • “Nonsense and completely against known physical laws. As per Newton’s third law, every action has a reaction – so the force with which this device repels water would be also applied against it. That would crush the device in the underwater tunnel due to the force of several tonnes of water. And it would make the ‘bomb’ go straight up because it repels water and water repels it, but it has a much smaller mass.”

Leading the creator to emphasize and remind everyone that,

  • I know action-reaction principle very well, and I know lot of physics too….. But this is just imagination!!!

It might be bad science, but it’s good creative ingenuity and a great escape!

Extreme Water Infrastructure Sports, Part I

I know that dams, by design, often create recreational opportunities but I don’t think this was the water sport that designers intended . If you’re a kayak enthusiast with nerves of steel and adrenaline to spare, a trip to Wales for a ride down the 1:3 gradient of the Llyn Brianne Reservoir’s 300 ft. concrete overspill run might be on your “to-do” list. In November 2008, these sportsmen reached speeds of up to 45 mph. (This incident is by no means a first; do a Google video search for Llyn Briane and you’ll see what I mean!)

Officials were less thrilled, though the “dam perpetrators” were not caught. This entire fascinating story from WalesOnline includes the point/counterpoint opinions as well as some interesting insight into the important role of the videographer in these well-orchestrated stunts.

Back in the USA, these fellows are without fancy boats and gear…only what must be the best-quality pairs of shorts that money can buy. Sorta-professional cinematic music plays as aimless youth are “sliding down the spillway at Whitewater Memorial State Park in Liberty Indiana.” Apparently it was worth the risk as “anonymous guy” concludes, “This is so awesome and more fun than any amusement park waterslide that I’ve ever been on. Now this is the real deal!

Finally, “Nikipedia” slides down the Kamas spillway in Utah with his incredulous friend behind the camera providing the laugh track. (The nameless cameraman seems to get a bigger thrill out of the stunt than the rider!)