Behind the Shower Curtain: Steamy Secrets!

“BEHIND THE SHOWER CURTAIN” SURVEY: America’s Steamy Secrets Reveal What Men and Women Really Think About in the Shower

Who could resist that headline, Water Pik? We were roped right into this promising press release, purporting to take “a peek at what really goes on behind the bathroom’s closed doors.”  Water Pik, Inc., released the findings of a survey that asked 1,000 Americans how they spend their time in the bathroom, including some not-at-all-surprising differences in male and female shower behavior.

Think about “to do” lists in shower
Average minutes in shower
Admit to showering with another adult for “intimacy”

Now, I could have told you this without asking 1000 people, but “Women use shower time to contemplate chores, problems and weight. Men spend their shower time thinking about work, sex and day dreams.” So, women spend about 2 minutes longer in the shower, but that’s just because we’re reviewing our long, arduous list of chores! (I’m not sure how men cover sex and work in a brisk 12 minutes!)

Men and women did agree that low water pressure is the No. 1 bathroom pet peeve, and also agreed that they would rather pay bills than clean the shower.

More fabulous shower facts:

People who sing in the shower
Take more showers than baths
50% Moms
28% Dads
Use the shower as a time to escape
53% Moms
27% Dads
Rush out of shower to take care of their family
Turn off water while brushing teeth
Reduce shower time to save water

I for one applaud Water Pik for doing some research that matters! This will allow them to develop useful products to enhance our shower experience. Like, how about a waterproof shower pen tablet, so we gals could jot down all those chores and “to do” lists?

And, now that you know that 25% of us are using the shower spray as a pseudo-microphone, would it be a huge leap to have it function as a real, working mic? That way the entire family could enjoy our wet rendition of “Moon River!”