What’s a Fountain Without Water?

That’s the subject of a personal photo project I’ve been working on this past month. In Kansas City, Missouri (the urban counterpart to my suburban Shangri-la) 47 public fountains will be turned on April 6th, the city’s annual “Fountain Day.”

kansas city mo dry muse of missouri fountain

In Kansas City, MO: The Muse of Missouri, dry.

In 2009, severe budget problems drove city officials to threaten that that the fountains would remain dry due to lack of funds. Political grandstanding, maybe, but the citizenry greeted the proposal harshly and vocally. This year there were no such attacks on the fountains, although other basic city services will see budget cuts and/or rate increases (including water).

What’s a fountain without water? It’s not like a wallet without money; it’s more like a soul without joy.

(If you can’t view the slideshow below (Internet Explorer users, probably talkin’ about YOU) visit the full set on my Flickr page.)

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Picturing World Water Day: Seeing is Believing

World Water Day? Overwhelming! I think it best that we spread all this buzz and information out over the other 364 so that we have a chance to process it all! If you’re feeling your head might burst with the explosion of water talk from every corner of medialand, kick back this evening and take in some photos instead. (The crisis will still be here tomorrow.)

But before you do, 2 quick and easy to-do’s: if you’re on Twitter hop over to’s and help spread the word by donating your status for the week (and get a waterrific blue cast over your profile photo, like yours truly.)

Also, you might be reluctant to be a “fan” of ITT of Facebook, but if you do ITT Watermark will give $1 to partners Mercy Corps, Water For People and China Women’s Development Foundation. So, I can be bought, how about you?

From’s Big Picture, this is just one of 43 breathtaking shots in their World Water Day gallery:

Four galleries are ready to browse at, and two are galleries of photos submitted by the public.