water tower crushes house

We’re Crushed. Really, We Are.

If you think your work day was a little wonky, just be grateful you weren’t in any way involved in this water tower meets residence fiasco! (Despite some quick and not-very professional research, I’ve been unable to determine the location this video was taken.) Thanks to former Thirsty in Suburbia intern Virginia L. for spotting this!

No Dignity in Death for this Water Tower

2008: New construction towers over the old.

2008: The old tower is dwarfed by its still-unfinished replacement.

Cut down like a tree! For those of us who dysfunctionally enjoy watching big things fall, here’s the last misty moments of the 75,000-gallon Huntertown, Indiana water tower. A Michigan contractor charged the city a bargain price of $7,500 for the hour-long job. (My new driveway cost more than that!)

A spiffy new half-million gallon tank had already taken its place, leaving her abandoned and unneeded without even a colorful mascot or civic-booster catchphrase for us to remember her by, shuffled away to the anonymous heap of un-stimulused aging infrastructure.

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Thrills! Chills! Big-Budget Water Tower Destruction

Self-promoting corporate multi-media at its best! Here’s what happens when high production values are applied to a water tower demolition.

Testa Corporation used a tried and true ‘old school’ method to bring down the Simkins Industries 50,000 gallon water tower from the factory roof. By attaching cables near the top of the 80 foot tower and cutting the legs at the base the easily toppled the tower to the ground below.

And, they did it with thrilling camera cuts and cinematic music with momentum! (In fact, the crash feels a little anti-climactic!)