High Humor For Water Geeks

“Solution” is one of the most beloved classic cartoons from Toothpaste for Dinner, which has tagged itself as “the most addictive comic on the web.” There might be some teeth to that claim; myself, I’ve barely missed a day in over four years. (You can get “Solution” and other popular Toothpaste for Dinner comics on T-shirts and other merch via the site.)

Educating the Public on Water Issues

An oldie but goodie from my collection. The challenge for people in the water business is to clarify “this bit” for the public.  At www.cartoonchurch.com, this cartoon carries the note,

To those surfing in looking for a water cartoon. I’m sorry, you caught us at a bad time. It isn’t normally like this here. Usually everything is brilliant.

Oh but it is brilliant. And it reminds us to tip our hats to those public works and water communications professionals who understand just how insightful it really is.