Heads in the Cloud: Transboundary Waters Visualized in Total

Duh, why didn’t I think of that? While creating the “word clouds” (original post here) for the World Water Day Synchro-blog on Transboundary Waters, it never occured to me to do one big “mega” cloud. It did though, occur to John Fleck as in a request for ” a single word map of the sum of all the posts.”

Great idea! Following, all nine blog posts in one big cloud. The cloud represents the 100 most prevalent words used in all posts collectively, with their frequency represented by size. FYI, the #1 word “water” appeared 152 times. (If you’d like a closer look, you can download a zoomable pdf here.)

This word cloud includes posts from John Fleck, Kwandongbrian, Chris Brooks, Noah Hall, Ole Nielson, Michael Campana, Daniel Collins, Kim Hannula and Abigail Brown and was created on