Like Yoga, But On a Floating Stick

Looking for something unique and entertaining for today’s holiday family fun-day? We’re not convinced that this will be the newest hot trend in water sports, but it does look like fun. Gather up the kids, grab some fat bamboo poles and head out to the lake.

 From Chinatoday, some photos of odd-sports enthusiasts performing “bamboo balance.”

For those who like the concept but seek more competitive thrills, how about “Bamboo Boat Racing, ” which involves racing a “boat” that’s a single cane of bamboo with a thin bamboo oar.

Via Ananova,

Villagers from Chishui, near Zuiyi city, came up with the idea, reports News Express. They make the boats out of locally grown bamboo and hold races on the Pinzhou River.

“Participants can sit or stand on the piece of bamboo, and with a thin bamboo oar, they race and compete at other tasks,” explained one villager.

Extreme Water Infrastructure Sports, Amateur Division

Geo Contest! Where, oh where? There’s a (modest) prize and heavy praise waiting for the first reader/s who can identify these locations.

It looks like reservoir mis-use in the name of sport is an international phenomenon! In this clip from the land down under, our Oz sportsmen do without the fancy equipment and skilled videographers, but make up for it with a head-bangin’ punk rock track. Here, see “Aussie guys jumping off a huge tower at the res.”

A mere 5 seconds long, don’t blink or you’ll miss the action in “Water Tower Golfing.” This is strong evidence for the theory that “everything’s been done already.”

This one, aptly titled “Redneck Wakboarding,” depicts that memorable day when “Mitch went wakeboarding at the water treatment plant in the mud while it was freezing outside.”