Thanks, Spammers!

This blog recently surpassed 10,000 spam comments since January 1st. While that can be irritating, not all spammers just dump links for drugs or porn. Some, in fact, have some very nice and flattering things to say about my modest project (although surprisingly little to say about water!) Following, a sampling of spam that has me puffing out my chest, grinning with pride and discovering new opportunities!

Thanks, Katty! Every feedreader software subscriber I get brings me closer to the top!

Da best to you, too! I don’t need a credit card, but can you help me get my HELOC back?

I don’t know about very good movies, but about your web…very confusing, and what’s with all those popups? I couldn’t find where to enter my bank account numbers to get my easy loan!

Sure Gary, I’ll post a bunch more, because I like the way you like me!

You put a blindingly white smile on my face, and that’s a fact, Jack!

You Brits make me blush! (People don’t usually call me beautiful, but do say I have a great personality!) When I need a lease purchase agreement, YOU are my first call!

When you come back again, please bring detailed instructions on how I can get rich from my smart posts!

Not sure I understand your request, but as your treasured patron I’ll do my cute and lovely best!

UPDATE! On the very morning this post was published, I received a spam trackback from a spammer on my spam post! If only everyone were this responsive!