Provocative Poster Gallery: 40 Days of Water

tap water forty days of water posterBrowse this neat poster set created by Flickr user pope saint victor tied to the 40 Days of Water effort from Blood:Water Mission. This initiative is encouraging groups and individuals to drink water as their only beverage for the 40 Days between February 17th and April 3rd. Water for thirst and food for thought, too!

40 days of water facts. fact #20., originally uploaded by pope saint victor.

Public Funding Well Spent…75 Years Ago.

From the stimulus program 75 years past…this WPA Poster (Water Supply #4) was created for the Federal Art Project series on the history of civic services in New York City…in 1936, when “an average of 930,000,000 gallons is consumed daily.” By the artist Vera Bock (see other works by this artist here.)

Via American Memory, and stored at the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C

More Unconventional Self Motivation

Last week, I was angry. I still am but I am moving along to better and higher endeavors, like mockery. I am commemorating this week’s events with a custom crafted motivational poster–not just one, but two! As before, I will display these in my kyoob with pride.

Unconventional Self Motivation: Wit as Defensive Weapon

Hey all you long suffering corporate drones, you know the drill: Instead of taking the easy way out, you stretch yourself and produce something that’s outstanding–well above and beyond the same old mediocre approach. Then you step forward and accept the high praise and thanks. Of course not. Then you face the slaughter and the backlash.

The last time this happened to me, instead of stewing in my frustration and anger, I made my own motivational poster:

Go ahead and make yours online with Motivator and you will enjoy a cleansing catharsis while simultaneously mocking the system and taking a stab at The Man. It also looks nice displayed in your suffocating cube.