Look Closely: Water Transport is Booming’s “The Big Picture” has gained a devoted following for its dramatic, superb photography presented thematically, somewhat like a digital version of the much-missed Life magazine. The Big Picture feature on Robots included this photo by Cherie A. Thurlby for the Department of Defense. The photo depicts,

“An Explosive Ordinance Disposal robot places an explosive device next to a suspicious package during a demonstration conducted by members of the Special Operations Command Central Command Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit for participants of the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference 72, at Camp Lemonier, Djibouti, Oct. 21, 2006.”

But wait a minute, we’re having a closer look at that “suspicious package” and of course we notice something of particular interest to us…that Emirates bottled water must be da bomb! (I should mention that you’ll never have to call a bomb squad to detonate your tap. At least I hope not.)

Bad bottle #10: Explosive design concept

I’m not sure I’d find this particular bottle of Unicef water refreshing. The label shows photos of unexploded ordnance that might be found in south Lebanon, including land mines and cluster bombs. The Arabic translates “Don’t Approach, Don’t Touch, Inform.” From The Saff-ster on Flickr.