Water beautiful sight, happy tonight

More festive water towers pimped up for the Christmas season.

Seen in Oxford, Mississippi by gasolinehorses on Flickr.

A futuristic look in Malmo, Sweden, from Flickr and photographed by by Kristian M, who notes “The light is red during the christmas time and blue the rest of the year. The tower was finished in 1973. It is 62 meter high and contains about 10200 cubic meters of water. And the room on the top serves now as an educational center. Before there was a restaurant.”

This one from Alexandria, Louisiana looks more jellyfish than Christmas icon. By jlkwak on Flickr.

Now that I’m struck with Christmas water tower envy, perhaps this could be an acceptable substitute for the bare water towers in my locale, the “BELIEVE” water tower with Blinking Star. The 112″ high, 48″ wide decoration is available for $350 from  Sign me up.