Extreme Water Infrastructure Sports, Amateur Division

Geo Contest! Where, oh where? There’s a (modest) prize and heavy praise waiting for the first reader/s who can identify these locations.

It looks like reservoir mis-use in the name of sport is an international phenomenon! In this clip from the land down under, our Oz sportsmen do without the fancy equipment and skilled videographers, but make up for it with a head-bangin’ punk rock track. Here, see “Aussie guys jumping off a huge tower at the res.”

A mere 5 seconds long, don’t blink or you’ll miss the action in “Water Tower Golfing.” This is strong evidence for the theory that “everything’s been done already.”

This one, aptly titled “Redneck Wakboarding,” depicts that memorable day when “Mitch went wakeboarding at the water treatment plant in the mud while it was freezing outside.”

Extreme Water Infrastructure Sports, Part I

I know that dams, by design, often create recreational opportunities but I don’t think this was the water sport that designers intended . If you’re a kayak enthusiast with nerves of steel and adrenaline to spare, a trip to Wales for a ride down the 1:3 gradient of the Llyn Brianne Reservoir’s 300 ft. concrete overspill run might be on your “to-do” list. In November 2008, these sportsmen reached speeds of up to 45 mph. (This incident is by no means a first; do a Google video search for Llyn Briane and you’ll see what I mean!)

Officials were less thrilled, though the “dam perpetrators” were not caught. This entire fascinating story from WalesOnline includes the point/counterpoint opinions as well as some interesting insight into the important role of the videographer in these well-orchestrated stunts.

Back in the USA, these fellows are without fancy boats and gear…only what must be the best-quality pairs of shorts that money can buy. Sorta-professional cinematic music plays as aimless youth are “sliding down the spillway at Whitewater Memorial State Park in Liberty Indiana.” Apparently it was worth the risk as “anonymous guy” concludes, “This is so awesome and more fun than any amusement park waterslide that I’ve ever been on. Now this is the real deal!

Finally, “Nikipedia” slides down the Kamas spillway in Utah with his incredulous friend behind the camera providing the laugh track. (The nameless cameraman seems to get a bigger thrill out of the stunt than the rider!)