Invasion of the Water Pods

Not being the outdoorsy type, I’m probably not the best judge of the relative benefits of these drop-shaped tree-hanging tents. But what a look! The freaky, alien-visitor effect might be worth any trade-offs involved with a hanging campsite. (As a former reluctant girl scout camper, I can say this holds promise in eliminating that cold, clammy ambience of ground-based tents!)

Hmmm. Do you think that upon pulling up camp one would have to cram this back into a too-small bottle-shaped tent bag? That I’d like to see!


Sylvan housing reaches new heights with these wonderful dewdrop shaped Treetents by Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar. Originally designed to ease the lives of tree-sitting activists, they also make excellent treetop retreats for campers, kids, and anyone soothed by an evening spent softly swaying among the branches. Each beautifully formed droplet attaches directly to a tree trunk and is roomy enough to sleep a family of four.