h2o mp3: Afraid of Water – Uranium Lake

Have you ever witnessed the sheer terror that envelopes a person as they anxiously declare, “I’M AFRAID OF WATER!” Of course you have, and that’s why “afraid of water” is such a visceral allegorical phrase to express unreasonable, overwhelming fear. This track cleverly employs the phrase to express an aversion people and social situations.

This alt-pop group from Northwich/Manchester, UK has that jangly Brit sound that I love and it’s ready to roll on on my weekend playlist!

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WOW, and thanks! This band generously offers a free download of this and other tracks via their MySpace Music page. So, sample more of their work and don’t forget to say thanks!

Lyrics (My transcription, so no guarantees!)

Don’t push me , No, cos I’m not ready

I’ll spend money if I want to, and I’ll sit home if I want to

Sit this one out, Sit this one out, Sit this one out, Sit this one out

until the next one

When the next one comes, I’ll see friends if I want to

that’s if I have friends anymore, they’re not so shallow

all so shallow, all so shallow, all so shallow, all so shallow

So I’ll talk to myself, it’s only way I, the only way to be sure

those whose conversations, don’t push me, no

cos I’m not ready, ? ? ?

don’t push me, no, i really don’t think you ought to, don’t push

I’m afraid of water, I’m afraid of water, I’m afraid of water

I’m afraid of the water