Grandeur in the Ocean Garbage Patch

This new awareness advert from Rise Above Plastics combines the ick factor of the ocean garbage patch with the majesty of a giant whale with predictably repugnant results. (From their website, we learn that “In some places of the Pacific Ocean, the amount of plastic suspended in the water outnumbers plankton six to one.”)

Two other items on the Rise Above Plastics website that make us say, “Hey, that’s neat!”…
Above, this rapidly escalating-counter shows, in our face and in real time, the runaway rubbish rate for plastic water bottles.
Below, the site alos includes this photo of plastic shopping bags masquerading as jellyfish, which reminds us of this “Dangerous Species” poster as well as the much-loved-by-me Ariston washer ad.

Trendy Store, Trashy Decor

It’s one thing to claim “trash to treasure” but it’s another to greet your customers with it and hang it from your ceiling. And have all be in awe of your cleverness.

In Montevideo, Uruguay is a high end shopping destination, the Punta Carretas Shopping Center, which is housed in a striking building that was formerly a prison. The Magma boutique at Punta Carretas ups the ante on the recycling theme with their designers-gone-wild take on architrash chic.

The store’s outer walls are a light-filtered “sandwich” of empty water bottles.

Inside, this ethereal curtain of plastic discy-things looks somehow familiar.

Yes, I do know you! You are Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, RC, and all our other formerly 2-liter friends.

Since I’m unlikely to ever get to Uruguay, thanks, well-traveled Flickr user london2434, for these almost-like-being-there photos.

Water Bottle Christmas Trees

Seen In Bangkok, Thailand in 2007, photograph from Flickr by Rob in London.

2007 in Malta, a tree constructed with 4100 bottles by the students of San Swann primary school Santa Bernadette, guided by teachers and artist Joe Barbara.  Photo from

An unusual display at the 2008 Methuen (Massachussetts) annual Festival of Trees. Photo by 2blueyeboyz on Flickr.

Seen in 2006, Taipei Taiwan Hualien – Taroko Gorge, and photographed by Flickr-er quicklymilktea.

A 2008 brand-tastic tree constructed of full water bottles in Shenzhen’s Hua Qiang Be, a display called “perverse” by Flickr photographer Rock the Bike.