Bad Bottle #8 and #9: Man and Beast

If you’re feeling a bit guilty enjoying your “Human Water” while hitting your dog’s bowl with the garden hose, break open some “FortiFido” and treat him to the “natural peanut butter flavor” he craves. Per the label, it’s for “the dog you love!” What, don’t you love your dog enough?

Human Water photo from FortiFido from adamrice on Flickr (on a page cleverly titled, “its the end of the world as we know it.”

Bad Bottle #5: Homogenized

I can confirm that this is an authentic bottled water brand from Peru. It is actually one word, “SOGAY” but still scores big on the branding translation misfire list. From the Flickr page of Simon Davison.

Bad Bottle #3: Now available in cans!

From the info-bonanza known as Flickr, this gem. I suppose “bottled water” has matured to the point that it refers to the actual product of “packaged water”, and not the packaging itself. Oh well, isn’t an aluminum can slightly preferable to the plastic, which is technically recyclable, but which few people bother to do. As in this photo from Flickr user LeGabriel entitled ‘450 Years’.

Bad Bottle #1: Surprise!

Hooray for the diversity of cultural expression, which continues to produce such un-global branding as this. I for one don’t like surpises with my drinking water, and especially not yellow ones. No, thanks, don’t believe I am thirsty after all!

From the flickr gallery of Richard Hook, who notes he got it in Thailand (chiang rai,  at a guest house).