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Incredible four-feed hit!

I have four news feeds to the right; one feeds a news search for “water towers”, another for “freak” accidents involving water, the third for “water main break” and the last (Hot News) picks up “boil water” headlines. This news item today from Gallatin, Missouri hit all four feeds… The city of Gallatin watched 626,000 […]

Tower of Power #2

Atlanta, Illinois: happy to have avoided the drought. This photo by Neato Coolville on the Flickr pool “Save Ferris–Fun Water Towers.”

As Pure as it Gets

If you’re lucky, you might find one of these on ebay, at an estate sale or a vintage shop. It’s funny on purpose–apparently from the 1920s through the 1960s this company’s salesmen used these items as novelty giveaways to clients and customers. Would you believe they still have a webpage dedicated to it? (This photo […]

Bad Bottle #5: Homogenized

I can confirm that this is an authentic bottled water brand from Peru. It is actually one word, “SOGAY” but still scores big on the branding translation misfire list. From the Flickr page of Simon Davison.

Get Off the Bottle

Increasingly, we are feeling guilty about consumption of bottled water. Conventional wisdom often includes an economic argument along with the “green” stance, but I personally don’t care about the money. It’s the idea of putting your “at this moment” desire and convenience ahead of what is stupid by every sort of reasonable logic. Proof-positive of ugly American […]

Bad Bottle #3: Now available in cans!

From the info-bonanza known as Flickr, this gem. I suppose “bottled water” has matured to the point that it refers to the actual product of “packaged water”, and not the packaging itself. Oh well, isn’t an aluminum can slightly preferable to the plastic, which is technically recyclable, but which few people bother to do. As […]