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A water tower you can climb

Although Tank, Spaz and Tiddy might not be welcomed, this water tower in the Giant City State Park, near Carbondale, Illinois averts temptation with a design meant to climb. Constructed in 1970, it’s 82 ft. high, holds 100,000 gallons and includes a 50 ft. observation deck for panoramic views of the park and beyond. I […]

Tank, Spaz, Tiddy & Melissa

  I’m sure a little summer fun is all they had in mind. Or maybe summer fun in their little minds. Four Manatee county, Florida teenagers went straight to jail for burglary and criminal mischief when they were nailed vandalizing this water tower. Melissa Jenkins, her brother “Spaz” Jenkins and his two friends, Frankie “Tank” […]

Bleak to Chic

This July in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Pfister and Vogel water tower, from an old tannery building near the city’s park east corridor, was moved and placed it in its new location as a symbolic landmark of the ritzy new North End development–all 42,000 lbs. of it. The $175 million development will include new condos, apartments, stores, and river […]

But dogs can’t read.

“Waste not, want not.” But in this case, “waste, want not!” Aside from an abnormal fear of liability, I’m not sure what’s behind (ha ha) the motivation to post these warnings. But (ha ha) regardless of the reason, it certainly creates irresistable opportunities for crappy wordplay and bun-puns. All photos from Flickr, number one (ha ha) photo […]

Nice to know LA’s got balls

Los Angeles water officials discovered that several open reservoirs had elevated levels of bromate. Bromate, a carcinogen, forms when sunlight combines with bromide and chlorine. Ah ha, an innovative solution! This June, the Ivanhoe Reservoir was covered with millions of 4 inch, black, high-density polyethylene vapor control balls. But… are the balls recyclable? Made from what…crude oil? Reportedly, when an […]

Bad bottle #10: Explosive design concept

I’m not sure I’d find this particular bottle of Unicef water refreshing. The label shows photos of unexploded ordnance that might be found in south Lebanon, including land mines and cluster bombs. The Arabic translates “Don’t Approach, Don’t Touch, Inform.” From The Saff-ster on Flickr.

Get your bottle on

This unusual look was conceived to demonstrate the amount of waste generated by one person drinking bottled water for one month. Worn by flickr user katakanadian along a 10K race route–an auspicious setting for this particular message.

Someone’s getting fired for this.

A real good ol’ boy would impress his buddies by shooting beer cans off fence posts. Who couldn’t hit this target? From WYFF4.com, some idiot started the New Year with a bang. Town’s Water Supply Drains From Bullet Holes; Water Tower Shot With High-Powered Rifle MAIDEN, N.C. — January 1, 2008 — In the midst of an […]

Bad Bottle #8 and #9: Man and Beast

If you’re feeling a bit guilty enjoying your “Human Water” while hitting your dog’s bowl with the garden hose, break open some “FortiFido” and treat him to the “natural peanut butter flavor” he craves. Per the label, it’s for “the dog you love!” What, don’t you love your dog enough? Human Water photo from www.engrish.com. FortiFido from adamrice on […]

A floor plan that flows well

From the Sudbury Star, Ontario, Canada, this interesting “development:” People may soon be living in old water tower If a Greater Sudbury developer gets his way, people will soon be living in an abandoned water tower on Pearl Street. Westar Investments Inc. already has permission to build office space, banquet facilities and a restaurant in […]