world water day hangover

World Water Day Hangover

Content warning: Depressing, unfunny & negative diatribe. Regular programming resumes tomorrow.

world water day hangoverBleauh. I don’t feel so good! It’s that nasty #WWD hangover again!

So another World Water Day has come and gone. Each year I dread this day. I feel guilty because I SHOULD write somthing moving, thought-provoking and memorable. Raise some awareness! But I don’t. Why?

Because “awareness” is good, but meaningful action on a global scale is much more difficult. Because year to year, it seems the situation remains frustratingly the same…or even worse. Because it seems at times the problems are nearly insurmountable. Because rather than a slew of #water #wwd #whatever hash tags on one day, I’d rather see some perceptible results for the other 364.

So all of you who continue to work hard for #DAWWD (that’s “Days after World Water Day”), I am in awe of you, I salute you, I thank you. You are the people who someday may make World Water Day an event where progress is celebrated… and the day when I look forward to writing a hysterical, “remember when” post in this space.

Photo by Phil Gyford via Creative Commons on Flickr

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  1. @h2oMatters
    @h2oMatters says:

    #FixaLeak #WWD #EarthHour #EarthDay #ArborDay #ecoMonday #WaterWednesday #ThirstyThursday #FF #DHUAMC (Damn Hashtags Used All My Characters)

    No, I have not seen this on Twitter, but it wouldn’t surprise me. My daughter is writing a paper on being “Cool” and I think sometimes participation in these efforts are just to improve one’s “Cool Factor Rating”. But if one day of “awareness” leads to two days of behavioral change this year, maybe next year it will lead to a week’s worth of change and the world will be a better place for it. Isn’t that “Cool”?

  2. Gayle Leonard
    Gayle Leonard says:

    A wonderful and thoughtful comment, @h2oMatters! Thanks for adding the proper amount of #humor and #cool and putting the discussion back into #perspective! It eases my #guiltyregrets for writing it in the first place!

  3. Brett
    Brett says:

    I think this kind of thing is a problem for most causes. People do a good job of getting the message out there but once the hype has subsided everyone forgets to actually take action. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.

  4. Anthony Kozuh
    Anthony Kozuh says:

    Gayle: Have you ever thought of writing a weekly article for an non profit organization that stands SERIOUSLY behind what you can so humorously get across…but get your point across you do..the way you want…hmmm think about it. You are enjoyable to read yet you ‘re message on EVERY article sticks.
    Please think about this
    Anthony Save the Water™

  5. Anthony Kozuh
    Anthony Kozuh says:

    One year later :=)
    Gayle please contact me.
    Wish to have you write our Global Launch
    Gayle we cannot find someone more enlightening than you.
    You make us smile BUT get the point across,
    Be safe Gayle and stay Blessed
    Anthony Kozuh

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